Friday, July 13, 2007

Satir's Conceptual Framework

1) The Family Of Origin's Influence
Our family of origin, including past generation, has a significant influence on our attitudes and behaviors.

2) Families As System
Families are systems and as such seek balance; when that balance is maintained through inappropiate roles, restrictive rules, and/or unrealistic expectations, the members needs will not be met and dysfunction will occur.

3) Low Self Esteem
The result of dysfuctional family system is low self esteem and defensive behavior, as the basic drive of human beings is to enhance self esteem and defence against threats to it.

4) Resources Of The Whole Person
Each person contains all the resources one needs for growth and healthy functioning.

5) The Process Approach
Growth is always possible and is most effectively facilitated by intervening at the level of "process" rather than "content".

6)The Process Of Change
The process of change is universal and involves stages.

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